3/15/21 - Hello World!

We're thrilled to announce the Compound Grants Program passed a community vote with near-unanimous support. With the vote behind us, we can launch the program and start providing grants to projects, ideas, and people who make Compound better.

We know most grants programs are a tedious experience for applicants: you're asked for too much information and documentation, the interviews are slow and unfair, and when all is said and done, you probably wish you never applied in the first place.

We designed this grants program to be as fast and easy for applicants as possible. The faster we can fund your ideas, the faster you can get to work on improving Compound. And that's exactly what we want to achieve.

There are two ways to apply for a grant.

  • Rapid Grants (<$125k): submit your application at compoundgrants.org
  • Community Grants ($125k+): submit your application in the grants category of Compound's community forum

Which application should you choose?

Rapid Grants are designed to provide you with a grant within two weeks of your application. They are the fastest option for applying for a small grant (<$125k).

Community Grants are designed to provide you with a larger grant ($125k+). While the process for receiving a Community Grant will also be fast, it won't be as fast as the Rapid Grants process. The idea behind the Community Grants process is simple: if you need a more significant amount of money, you should post the application on the public forum to solicit thoughts and opinions from Compound's community members.

We can't wait to see all of your applications!