Approved Grants

Grant TitleApplicantGrant SizeDescriptionLinks
Infrastructure as a Service for Gateway
OnFinality is looking to become the "Infura of Polkadot." As part of that mission, the team applied for a grant to run nodes for Compound Gateway.
DAO Legal Cooperative
Connor Spelliscy
Connor is a former lawyer with a strong interest in DAOs. In collaboration with Uniswap and Aave grants, Compound grants is funding Connor's legal research into DAOs for the community to better understand their legal status.
ETH Global "Hack Money" hackathon
ETH Global
In the last batch of grants, we thought we would sponsor Hack Money on the lower, $10k sponsor tier. But after further thought, we decided to become a top-tier sponsor ($35k). We also carved out $12k for hackathon bounties and prizes.
Messari Integration
Messari publishes research catered to an audience of institutional investors. As part of the grant, Compound will be integrated into Messari's research portal. Messari will also publish (4) in-depth research reports on Compound, explaining the project to institutional investors.
Rabbithole Integration
Rabbithole sends users on "protocol quests" with the goal of increasing usage and developments for projects. As part of this grant, Rabbithole wants to send users on quests to supply and borrow assets on Compound. In the future, Rabbithole will send its users on more complex quests (e.g., protocol improvements).