Approved Grants

Grant TitleApplicantGrant SizeDescriptionLinks
Account Health Notifications
Patrick Ho
Website that lets users opt-in to receive notifications that warn them when they're close to being liquidated (text/email).
Subgraphs from Compound Ecosystem
Subgraphs make it easy to query on-chain data for Compound. Tally is building subraphs that bring data for Governor Alpha and Bravo, COMP token, Timelock, and autonomous proposals.
Research on retroactive COMP distribution
Early users of Compound did not receive any COMP as part of a retroactive distribution. "Allthecolors" is an experienced data analyst who will provide the community with data on early Compound users and propose a fair retroactive distribution.
Code423n4 "Gas Optimization" Bounty
Code423n4 is a unique program that attracts top hackers to hack on bounties. We allocated funds to sponsor a bounty program aimed at gas optimizations for Compound.
DeFi NFT's
Charged Particles
Charged Particles combines NFT's with DeFi in a cool way. Here's how it works: you mint an NFT that can hold tokens, and then you deposit tokens into the NFT. Those tokens are then lent out on money markets to earn yield. This grant was provided to integrate Charged Particles with Compound money markets.
Adding LINK market to Compound
Tyler Loewen
Currently, no LINK market exists on Compound. Tyler created a forum thread proposing to add LINK to Compound.
ETH Global "Hack Money" hackathon
ETH Global
Sponsoring ETH Global's DeFi hackathon.