Approved Grants

Grant TitleApplicantGrant SizeDescriptionLinks
Integrating Compound Grants with Boardroom
Boardroom is an integrated governance and management platform that helps decentralized projects collaborate.
Standalone Dashboard for Compound
To build a standalone dashboard that shows (i) historical APY's by asset, (ii) average APY's over specific time periods, and (iii) comparison between APY's for different assets.
To Be Announced
Building Flipside Crypto Dashboards for Compound
Flipside Crypto
Flipside Crypto allows users to build powerful dashboards that show all sorts of on-chain data. Using Flipside's platform, Compound community members will be able to monitor network health in real-time.
Educational Content on Compound (in Japanese )
Educational curriculum that explains what Compound is, how it works, and why users should use it! Content is tailored for Japanese speakers.
Hayden Shively
Easy-to-use migration tool for users to switch to newly upgraded cToken markets (specifically cWBTC for now).
Integrating Fluidity with Compound
Fluidity is a new stablecoin that rewards people for using it. Under the hood, Fluidity is powered by Compound.