Approved Grants

Grant TitleApplicantGrant SizeDescriptionLinks
Universal Gas Refunding Contract
The Universal Gas Refunding Contract that can be used by anyone in a decentralized, open way, to securely refund users for paying the gas on desired actions (such as Voting, Delegation, executing proposals, using a multisig).
Bringing Compound to Polkadot
Integrate Compound with Polkadot chain, which will include building a bridge (starport) to Polkadot, adding support for DOT and LDOT (staked DOT) as collateral, and make CASH available on Polkadot.
Retroactive Grants to Key Compound Contributors
arr00; Sam Simons; blck; Anish Agnihotri
$65k (combined)
To reward key contributors for doing great work.
Not Applicable
Design + Brand direction for Compound Grants Program
To create a professional design / brand for the Compound Grants Program.
Not Applicable
Insights into Compound Governance
Leland Lee
To create open-source dashboard that provides Compound's community with context on each governance proposal (e.g., displaying relevant tweets / other information alongside the proposal).
To Be Announced
Integrating Compound into Casval
Casval is a defi frontend (web/mobile) that targets freelancers in Europe who want higher yields on their assets.
Research into ccomp Market
Sam Simons
Research into the ccomp market to better understand its peculiarities. The final product will be an analysis that's published on
Not Applicable