9/9/21 - Batch 6: Funded

9/9/21 - Batch 6: Funded

We are glad to share the sixth batch of grants has been funded!

As a reminder, the grants program is a rolling program, so you can apply at any time. To apply, fill out this application form. Applications take no more than 15-30 minutes, and you should expect to hear back quickly.

You can find details on the fifth batch of approved grants in the table below.

Approved Grants

Grant TitleApplicantGrant SizeDescriptionLinks
Whitelisted Governance Proposers
The barriers to entry to governance are too high. Arr wants to whitelist certain addresses to allow them to make proposals without needing 65k COMP delegated to them.
Tina He
STATION is creating a peer-to-peer network centered around self-expression, contribution, and values. STATION is tackling these issues by creating profiles for individuals to express their work and discover others and Terminals for organizations (DAOs and protocols) to build a central hub to attract and engage newcomers and contributors.
DAO Research
Angela Gilhotra
Research on engineering engagement in DAOs (internet-native communities). Think: a conversation layer for the Compound DAO built in a way that facilitates idea exchange, promotes repeated conversations and builds meaningful relationships.