8/6/21 - Batch 5: Funded

8/6/21 - Batch 5: Funded

We are glad to share the fifth batch of grants has been funded!

As a reminder, the grants program is a rolling program, so you can apply at any time. To apply, fill out this application form. Applications take no more than 15-30 minutes, and you should expect to hear back quickly.

You can find details on the fifth batch of approved grants in the table below.

Approved Grants

Grant TitleApplicantGrant SizeDescriptionLinks
Gas Optimizations
Tyler Loewen
Gas optimizations to the cToken and Comptroller contracts. Gas optimizations are incredibly important because they make Compound cheaper to use for all users.
Powerful Compound Dashboard
Paperclip Labs
As part of the second batch of grants, the Paperclip Labs team started work on an independent and open-source dashboard that shows a variety of data on Compound. The team is back to make this dashboard even more powerful. Based on input from the community, the team will add even more data sources to the dashboard.
Hardhat Plugin
Archil Panchulidze
Hardhat allows developers to easily debug code. Using this plugin, developers will be able to run/deploy Compound Protocol locally and use all hardhat features.
Compound Discord Bot
Ah Kek
The grant will go towards setting up a Discord bot that shows info like COMP price, stats, supply, and borrow. In addition, this bot will have commands to check one’s current liquidation risk and collateral ratio.
Interest Rate Curve Research
Yash Patel
Applicant seeks to complete an RFP to analyze data on Compound's interest rate curves. This report will include an analysis of the current parameters, recommendations for the interest rate curve
Decentralized Governance Hackathon
Boardroom x Gitcoin
Co-sponsoring GItcoin's Decentralized Governance Hackathon alongside Boardroom, UMA, Snapshot, Gnosis, and DAOhaus.